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Parasite Prevention 

Wymondham Vets Parasite preventionParasites are easily picked up by our furry friends but are generally easy to prevent. As well as being a nuisance, parasites can cause serious health problems and are not to be ignored.

External Parasites, including Flea Prevention

Most pets will get fleas at one time or another, they can be picked up outside but once your pet brings a flea into your home it lays hundreds of eggs on their bedding and in the house. These eggs can lay dormant for a long time before hatching, and as such fleas can become a household problem all year round, not only for your pet but also for the humans in the house. Often there is no outward sign of mild infestations (especially on cats) and once you notice a problem it is usually severe. Prevention is always the best option by using regular effective products which treat the pet and surrounding environment. In addition if you vacuum the house first you will pick up many flea larvae and eggs which live in soft furnishings and in the carpets. The household treatments must never be used on the animals directly and usually come in a spray form, always ensure you follow the directions on the product carefully.